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Description and Reasoning

Water entering any drive train component is a concern we all share. There is now fool proof way to prevent water entering, but there are a few things that can be done to deter it.

The Time Required

I spent about an hour doing the installation.

The Work Required

I had replaced my transfer case and already had the shifter boot up. Now seemed a good time to do those other mods that have been on the back burner.

The breather for the AOD transmission is actually visible from the top with the boot removed. A short piece of 3/8" fuel line was attached to the vent tube and then ran to a barbed brass tee. The vent line from the new BW 1356 was ran up on top of the transmission and connected to the other side of the tee. The remmaining barb was connected to another piece of 3'/8" fuel line that ran up to the engine compartment. Instead of an open filter or jusy laying my extended breather hose up behind the brake booster, I had another idea. I tie wrapped a tin can to the brake line bracket and put a curve in the hose and stuck it up inside the can. Now, even if the engine compartment gets a bit wet, the can will have an air pocket in it to prevent water form even getting to the hose ends!

The shifter boot up and hoses routed. My tin can hose termination.

I ran another hose to the front Dana 44 pumpkin and looped it inside the tin can as well. This gives me the same level of protection I have provided to the transmission and transfer case. The separate hoses also prevents the mixing of the different fluids (90W in the Dana, ATF in the transmission and transfer case).

The rear vent tube route

The rear vent tube was extended to a recess in the body at the right rear corner where the tail light wire loom ran. It was notched perfectly to fit the 3/8" fule line. I placed the stock breather cap back in the end of the line and wedged the line into that notch.

The Results

The vent tubes are now up out of harm's way for the most part. They will be one of the last things to be submerged before the engine dies...

The components for this project were bought at the parts store, the hose cost $1 a foot.

Bob Kennedy - 1986 XLT Bronco

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