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Description and Reasoning

We have all wanted a way to increase our throttle during the use of a winch or other current sapping activity. I have come up with a way to do so on the EFI modeled rigs. I have been able to go from an idle to 2500 rpm using this device.

The Time Required

I spent about an hour doing the installation.

The Work Required

I had replaced my transfer case and already had the shifter boot up. Now seemed a good time to do those other mods that have always been on the back burner. The hand throttle was a bicycle shifter with 6' of cable in the sheath.

First, let's see what we're starting with.This is the shifter, a Shimano 8 speed model that gives about 55 to 60 degrees of rotation. Along with it are the crimps for the cable sheath and the all important cable stop that we'll need at the other end of the cable.

The cable, sheath, shifter and cable stop. Here's the shifter boot up and the path the cable takes.

The shifter boot up, I had the path for the cable figured out.

The route the cable took The finished product.

The index shifter is desgined to mount on a bicycle handlebar. I did not realize that the transfer case handle was a whole lot larger in diameter. So, I took a 1" piece of heater hose, split it, and then placed it around the handle. A bit of electrical tape held it in place. Then the index shifter was added to it and tightened down. This placed the index shifter in a very accessible place and also placed it at the correct orientation. The cable and housing were tie wrapped up underneath the body to the vent tube mounting bracket.

The cable running through the throttle cable connector. All that's left is installing the cable stop.

The cable came up into the engine compartment and was routed along the throttle cable. I tie wrapped it to the throttle cable to keep the profile low. It helped with running underneath the shroud that sits on top of the throttle linkage. I drilled the throttle cable mount with a drill bit bigger than the cable but smaller than the cable stop. This placed the cable stop to the outside of the throttle connector. Make sure before you crimp the cable stop on that the cable move freely through the sheath and that the index shifter moves freely as well.

The Results

After the cable stop was crimped on and the excess cable cut off, I cranked the engine and thumbed my hand throttle to 4th gear position and the engine idle went to 1500 rpm. The positive locking of the index shifter kept the idle there until I returned the shifter to 1st gear position.

The components for this project were bought at a local bicycle shop, the total cost was about $16.00.

Bob Kennedy - 1986 XLT Bronco

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