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Replacement Bronco Fuel Tanks

Word Of Caution

Beware of the stock 32-33 gal. tanks which rest on the skid plate. there is no space between the tank & plate which is an ideal place for rust to grow.

Experience First-Hand

One day on a trail I landed on a rock causing a dimple in plate about the diameter of a quarter & maybe 1/4" deep, didn't slow me down as this had happened before until the guy behind me said I was leaking fuel. Some of that rust that had been forming for 12 years just gave way & I had several pinholes in the tank. I was even more surprised when I dropped the skid plate down to rub some soap in the holes to help seal it up enough to get me home, I didn't realize the plate was the only thing supporting the tank.

Replacement Unit

I have replaced my tank with a polyurethane unit of the same capacity but at the same time I installed a 1" body lift. I loosened the metal straps above the tank so I could move it up some closer to body then secured my new tank with universal tank straps. I then attached the skid plate with some extra washers & homemade rubber spacers so I now have about 3/4" between the tank & skid plate.

Notes, Comments, Other web links

I know the poly tank won't rust and now I can remove the skid plate if I want. I would recommend making a similar modification to anyone with the 32-33 gal. tank that sits on the skid plate.

Assessories by K BAR S -- 45 Gallon tank
Gas Tank, 1978-89 Replacement 45 Gallon capacity. Part# GT400

Thu, 25 Feb 1999
Andy Bridgeman -- AndyBr@exabyte.com
1986 302EFI / T18 / BW1345 / Open Dana44(F) / Ford 9"(R) / 33x10.5-15 Swamper Radials / 1" Body Lift

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