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s at 10-13,000 feet, experiencing fuel "vapor lock" problems, having fuel splash around on many of the trails, and my second "daily driver" Bronco's engine was dying very quickly... I went ahead with the purchase of a "parts yard" 1996 Ford Bronco with 36k miles. Ended out this Bronco had a good engine, transmission, and most of the OBD-II sensors still in tack. Could not pass up this purchase / upgrade! Also, the transmission in my Bronco was beginning to over-heat in normal driving conditions - as a result from the Colorado return trip I assumed.

The E40D automatic should make this conversion eaiser with the electronics feeding the PCM ("Computer"). Also, the E40D has ... the electronic push-button over-drive and a wide-ratio gear set!! This gives me a lower 1st and 2nd gear for off-road crawing, a high ratio over-drive for highway speeds when I change my ring/pinion from 4.10 to 4.56 in the future. I can have my "cake" and eat it too. I know of a few issues to deal with on the E40D during the conversion.

  1. Physically at least 3" longer the my stock C-6 transmission
  2. Linkage is cable based rather then my stock levers
  3. Oil pan is hugh with a rather large oil sump area -- will need some custom rock protection

Buy/Find The Components

The "New" Engine, Transmission, and Y-pipe Exhaust -- September 10, 2000

1996 351W EFI, OBD-II, Mass-air
Another view point
E40D Transmission
Getting the "experts"
to re-wire components
In my service shop
How much work!!

Removing "WildHorses" 351W HO Motor - September 12, 2000

This motor was rebuild in 1992, about 45,000 miles ago. The power and oil pressure have been great. I am replacing the leaky rear main seal (2 piece) and oil pan gasket before installing it into my second 1986 Bronco. The daily driver...

Rade is ready and waiting
Rade, Tabatha, Kurt
Just about removed
A very high pull up
Got it!
Finished... almost.
Now for the rear main seal
Rear main seal
Replacing the leaky
rear main seal
Two piece seal
On this motor, it is
a two piece seal
Removed the rear bearing cap
To service this seal
the bearing caps are
loosen and the rear
has been removed
Finished the engine swap into my "Mr Blue" Bronco on September 22, 2000. Now I can focus on the R-E-A-L work at hand!!!!

Ready to Start

On recommendations from my local "EFI Experts", I purchased a few reference materials. These books are considered the best of the best by content and authors.

HELM Publishing, 1996 Bronco Wiring Diagrams. Part# FCS1212996
Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control (88-93)
by Charles O. Probst, SAE. ISBN 0-8376-0301-3

On the 1996 351W parts yard engine, I have had help in completing the following maintenance items.

one piece pan gasket
Installation of a new
one-piece oil pan seal
dip stick in engine block
Dip stick fits into
engine block
Freshly painted
PPG Fire Brick red...
the only color for
Stock oil cooler
Ford's oil cooler

And yet, the list isn't complete. I have the following items planned for this "new" engine.

Inventory of Items To Purchase

Inventory of Items Purchased

Description Estimated
Motor Mounts $60 (pair) $58 NAPA #602-1572
Fuel Filter (large) from 1989 Bronco $10 $9.54 NAPA #3097
Water Pump, reverse rotation $45 $42.50 NAPA #125-1670
E40D Pan Gasket & Filter $15 $26.56 NAPA #1-7975
Engine Thermostat 195deg $10 $4.71 NAPA #269
Engine Spark Plugs $15 $8.72 Autolite
Engine Distributor Cap, Rotor $15 $29.18 NAPA #FA134, #FA153
Engine Exhaust Headers Gasket $45 $26.48 NAPA #95025-SG
Engine Fuel Pressure Regulator $15 $44.17 NAPA #2-19617
Engine Oil Filter $5 $5.48 NAPA #1372
Engine Oil Pan Gasket - 1 piece $?? $30.86 NAPA #OS-32492
Engine Serpentine Belt $?? $29.84 NAPA #25-061020
HP Fuel Line Tools $20 $8.95

Inspection and Installation of 351EFI Motor

January 20, 2001

Following a long break-away from the shop, Rade got me started again on Saturday, January 20. He and I replaced the upper intake gasket, throttle body gasket, and both valve cover gaskets. The rear main seal was inspected and decided to keep in place. Motor was the hoisted over and into the Bronco. With no transmission, the insert too two minutes (once we removed the hood).

valve cover removed
Valve cover removed
showing excellant
condition of motor.
Upper intake removed
Upper intake removed.
Inspecting rear main seal
Inspected rear main seal
and kept it un-touched.
It is now IN!
The 351EFI motor
is now in!
Looks cool.
Looking real cool.
Needs wiring and much more!

Fuel Tank Low-Pressure Pump
April 2001

Another small side-project is the fuel system feeding the injected 351W motor. My choice was to install a low-pressure feeder pump (in the tank) to a frame-rail high pressure pump feeding the engine's fuel rail. I picked up a used high-pressure pump and miscellaneous wirings and fuel lines from a parts-yard.

I had already made a fuel tank purchase from MTS Company, L.C. Model #4251S which had the correct access hole for a 1987 EFI fuel system. I needed the sending unit, low-pressure pump, and wiring to activate the fuel pump.

Low pressure fuel pump wiring
Wiring to feed the in-tank
low-pressure fuel pump.
Filler tube
Filler tube and
breather tube.
Installed with return
line in view.
High pressure fuel pump
High pressure pump attached
to frame rail.

OBD-II Computer Brains(PCM)
April 2001

A "big deal" sub-project is the computer module for which all OBD-II processing gets handled. I was able to pickup the PCM and wiring harness along with the engine, from the same vehicle.

The location was not much of a choice. Basically the wiring harness REQUIRED me to locate the PCM in the firewall, next to the brake master cylinder. This work required serious cutting, fabricating, sealing and rivet work. I would rather have purchased an injected Bronco before doing this again... something to consider.
Create easy access to work area
I removed the fender to
create easy access
to my work area
Location of PCM box
Mark the location
of the PCM box
before cutting.
Cut and riveted
Cut and re-enforced
with rivets.
Container box in
Container box installed
and PCM with my custom
cover ready.
Finished. Is this
ready for water?

Final look...

July 7, 2001

This was taken shortly before leaving for Northwest BroncoFest 2001 in Kaner Flats campground. It worked great.

Ready for trails
Ready just in time
for NW BroncoFest 2001.

Installation of E40D Transmission/BW1345 Transfer case (Extra Project)

January 27, 2001

The E40D was a simple bolt-in on this motor, except for modifications to the cross-member bracket and usage of the C6 transmission mount. This custom setup using a C6 transmission mount and cross-member bracket (from the 1986 configuration) required (REQUIRED!) my 1" body lift for clearance. It fit, but with only 1/2" space between the body and transfer case.

Breather vent
The E40D with my
custom breather vent.
Berne man-handling the E40D
Berne man-handling the
E40D into position.
Another view point
Another view point
for fitting the tranny in.

Finished Product

The Finished Product Works!

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