Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Northwest BroncoFest - TSF - June 22-24, 2007
(Tillamook State Forest, OR)

Participants (Please provide corrections and help fill in the gaps)

  1. Steve Scott - Bronco
  2. Alvey Stubblefield - Bronco
  3. Anne Knebel with daughter Katlin - Explorer
  4. Greg & Laura Rice with their little boy - Bronco
  5. Mike & Tammy Vance with one of their two daughters Kyrisa & Tosha & and her Friend - Bronco
  6. Jeff Hanley - Jeep
  7. Ken Konikow with daughter Kassie - Bronco
  8. Tim Crase - Bronco
  9. Todd Hager - Bronco

Alvey - Photos & Videos
Great turn out.  By my count 9 rigs, 11 adults, 4 teens, and 1 younger one.
Lots of good camaraderie and 4 wheeling filling the entire range of easy to extreme.

Thursday morning Steve pulled out their camper and then went back for the Bronco.  I arrived little later in the morning and while waiting for Steve and Anne to return later I set up camp and scavenged for some firewood.  Soon as I returned to camp and unloaded the firewood the folks in the good big site started packing up and vacated.  So I immediately moved everything.  Well almost everything except the tent and big firewood log.  Steve, Anne, Katlin and I carried my tent and log to the new site.  We then spent a restful evening having dinner and just socializing around the campfire.  We each to selected a time by which we thought Mike, Greg and Jeff would pull into camp.  Katlin's guess 12:23 AM was the latest so she won with their 4 AM arrival.

Friday we started out real easy.  Took a ride out the very dry Powerline trail (2 wd) and Mike, Greg, Jeff and Anne all went down Mini-Rubicon.  Then on the way to Can-Opener we went up Hoodraiser (another easy 2 wd trail) and Hogs Back rock hill climb.  Can-Opener is a new beast after the recent reconstruction.  Mike, Greg and Jeff all took it on and all made it up without winching.

Ken and Kassie had arrived and set up camp by the time we returned to camp.  So we carried their tent over to our big site so they could be with us too.

Saturday morning Tim and Todd arrived for the day and we headed up Firebreak Five to the Crusher rock crawls.  Jeff, Todd, Mike and Greg all decided to tackle the Bone Crusher.  3 Broncos and a Jeep.  Carnage was obtained by all the Broncos.  Todd's TTB held up nicely but the slip yoke finally gave out about 20 feet from the exit.  Todd also busted a motor mount and Mike popped out an axle u-joint cap.

After a group photo and dinner we all sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows and chatting while waiting to go on a night run up Cedar Tree trail.

Sunday the women took over for a Girl Power 4x4 trail ride on first section of Powerline and University Firepower.  It was awesome to see them drive the freshly rained on trails.  Especially climbing and descending the hills of University Firepower.  The descent was basically a semi-controlled slide.

Tim - Photos & Videos

Anne - Photos

Greg - Photos