Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Annual Beach Run - Long Beach, WA - May 19, 2007

Participants (Please provide corrections and help fill in the gaps)

  1. Tony & Linn Eaton with their two young ones - Dodge (stock)
  2. Randy & Cindy Goolsby - Bronco (stock)
  3. Patrick Goolsby - Bronco
  4. Carey & Wife Heyer - Bronco
  5. Anne Knebel with daughter Katlin - Explorer
  6. Ken & Kelly Konikow with daughter Kassie - Bronco
  7. Brandon & Wife McNally with their little boy (sorry did catch their names or more likely probably forgot) - Explorer (stock)
  8. Greg & Laura Rice with their little boy - Yukon
  9. Alvey Stubblefield - Bronco
  10. Steve Scott - Jeep
  11. Hip (Joe Thompson) & Becky - Lexus (stock)
  12. Mike & Tammy Vance with their two daughters Kyrisa & Tosha - Bronco
  13. Wally - Jeep
  14. Dude in the high boy pickup (passenger too I believe) - F-x50

Alvey - Photos & Videos
This has to have been one of the better Long Beach trips.
Great turn out.  By my count at least 14 rigs, 22 adults, 5 teens, and 4 younger ones.
Old faces, new faces, same ol' faces...  It was great to see everyone.
Great steak and chicken picnic Barbeque provided by the Goolsby family.
We also had a lot of fun playing on the beach rocks and logs, as well as pulling/pushing out several stucks.

Ken - Photos

Anne - Photos