Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Mt. Hood Christmas Tree - December 9, 2006


Our annual get together for fun in the snow and Christmas tree gathering.

The Details . . .

Greetings amigos,

The day began wet and drizzly early Saturday morning.  We left town at about 7:20 and met Patrick's friends Danny, Josh and Josh's GF Whitney up at the I-5 junction and headed our small three-vehicle and trailer convoy to the rendezvous point in Estacada.  Amazingly, (not really) the indigents in Portland were up early and were all on I-205 in their cars.  The rain still was in full force as we got to Estacada Ranger Station, off-loaded the trailered Willys and connected with the group.  Steve was our designated trail leader and did a magnificent job of keeping the group aimed the right direction.  All told, we had seven vehicles and one who "adopted" us and tagged along with us up to the top.  Steve was in his Unlimited, Alvey in his lifted "OJ special", Ken in his brn/tan 6-cyl.  dynamo, Josh with his small-block powered Willys Hi-hood, Danny in his new Dodge Cummins 4x, Patrick with his Immigration Green '96 and us in our '95 XLT stocker.  We left the Ranger station at just after 9 AM and took the cutoff past Promontory Park and up USFS rd 4610 (Alvey's suggestion) which turned out to be a winner!:-)  Up at the top was snow, probably accumulated from the past few weeks.  At the top was also a large flat area surrounded by various obstacles for the more adventurous amongst us.  The rest of the group unloaded a target thrower, a couple cases of clay targets, huge steel box of reloaded shot shells and various related sundry.  We confined the shooting area to a small area of the flat so that wheeling and shooting could be done in relative safety. 

After several hours of shooting, conversation and assorted exercising of front diffs and rear lockers, we picked up and began the trek back down the hill.  We heard some chatter at the back of the line and discovered that Josh's Willys was losing a left front wheel. Further investigation revealed imminent separation between hub & Spindle. Apparently the D44 didn't like the HP/tire combination Josh was using...  A few of us headed down to collect the trailer to get him out and the rest stayed with Josh and his rig and did what they could to get it ready for the trailer. Traffic on Rd.  4610 had definitely increased with weekend Christmas tree cutter traffic.  We managed to get the trailer back up, got the Willys loaded and headed down the hill.  It was a successful run, except for the above breakage.  It was TRULY wonderful seeing familiar faces again and doing the trail! Made me miss you guys!! I hope we can do more of this and SOON.  Next time we'll see if the '83 is up to the trip.  I missed the manual transfer case and std.  trans when we were headed down the hill.  That and the miserly fuel economy; I saw a couple places where the rear lockright woulda made things more difficult, given the 31x10.50s on it now.  I gotta get me a CB for the rig, too.  Thanks to everyone who showed on a nasty Saturday morning.

I hope you all enjoyed the trip as much as I did!!

Who's orchestrating the coast run this year?

Randy Goolsby - 1996 Eddie Bauer Bronco