BroncoFest 2004

June 25-27, 2004
Kaner Flat Campground
(Cliffdale), WA

It's a yearly event, going from at least 3 or 5 rigs to 25 or 30 rigs. Folks get together and try some of the terrain that the Wenatchee National Forest has to offer.

Comments from the attendees...

"Those of you who didn't make the trek to BroncoFest NW 2004 this year missed some fun, and tiresome, wheeling as well as some good times."

"Pictures never quite do it justice but believe me it was a million megabytes of fun. And to think - I was almost the owner of Scout. I guess that's what I get for letting the husband drive my Bronco. Oh well, I like my Bronco betta than his Scout anyhoo."

"Broncofest was a blast."

"Again, thank you all for such a fun weekend and everyone helping me take good care of my mom. she does not remember flopping but she does remember the rock dragging across "her side" of the Jeep.

Links to everybody's photos, (and videos)...

Alvey's Pics

Toni's Pics

Tony's Videos

Nick's Pics

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