Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Annual Long Beach, WA Run - May 22, 2004


Bob, Anne and Jessica Kennedy - '99 Expedition
Tony & Linn Eaton 78 Bronco
Tim Crase - '89 Bronco XLT
Greg, Laura,& Jackson Rice 02 Jeep
Jeff Henley - '97 Jeep
Patrick Goolsby - '96 Bronco XL
Radoje Spasojevic & Laneya McCullough '79 Bronco
Nathan & Paul Porter 92 Bronco
Carey Heyer - '93 Bronco and '80 Jeep
Anne Knebel - '94 Explorer
Steve Scott - Anne's passenger
Doug Thompson - '95 Bronco
Mike & Tammy Vance - -91 Bronco
Alvey Stubblefield 96 Bronco

15 rigs & 23+ participants (some folks still don't put their kin, or dates, on the sign up form).


This year's event was great.  We had as many new faces in the crowd as well as the stalwart regulars.  This event will continue to be one of the great class 'A' get togethers we have.

I had contacted the City of Long Beach and discussed the possibility of getting a dumpster to assist with the cleanup.  They would not provide one.  It seems that enough organizations do it throughout the year and they won't support another one.  From the looks of the beach, they need all the help they can get.  So, the cleanup portion was put off until the chapter has enough funds to pay for the dumpster and the hauling fees at the dump.  Seeing how we collect no fees are dues, it may be a while before it happens.

Saturday, we met up at the end of the hard top at the entrance to the beach.  No-show Bob and family actually made it this year.  The meeting time was around 9:30AM, and folks started showing up shortly after.  I was surprised to see the folks showing up that I did not know.  It took a good hour or two to get all the introductions out of the way.  Made several new friends, and got to see old ones again.

A gallery of Carey's pics .  Plus, the ones taken at the meeting place, and the 'Wee Putt" in the center of town...

There was one heckova a barbeque under the gazebo at the Breaker's Hotel.  Thanks to Tony and Linn for lighting the fire (literally) under the group to make this happen.

Please take the time to look at all the links listed below.  It's a great to see the different perspectives of everyone.  Trucks, families, kids, and dogs.


Tony's Pics

Toni's Pics

Mike's Pics

Anne's Pics

Alvey's Pics