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Northern Christmas Tree Run - December 7, 2003

Northern Christmas Tree Run

Well, the first Nothern run was a success!

Definitely not a rival to tradition but I think a great alternative to anyone who couldn't make it down South. Attended by Tony and family, Nathan and myself and family. Tony had the misfortune of having to work copious amounts of overtime last week, due to the recent local windstorms, and was unable to get his Bronco trail ready. Hence, the work truck (brand name ommitted). Nathan saw the event on the 2BB website and we were glad to have him. After meeting up in Enumclaw we headed up to FR 75. Having never been there before we were unsure of what we would find. The lower roads were a little icy so we took our time going up. We went to the end of the road that was plowed and stopped for some tree exploring. The area had been visited by pretty much anyone with a suburban or pickup. When we get back to the rigs I noticed about 4 trucks that appeared to be stuck a little ways up in the unplowed snow on the road. Turns out, they "weren't stuck" they thought it would be a good place to build a campfire and roast weenies. After a lot of tire spinning we pulled the last one of them out of the road with a strap and continued up the unbeaten path. We found a good spot to pull over and after some lunch we got our trees. The weather couldn't have been better and we all had a great time. I should have some pics posted in the next day or 2.

Mike's Pics

Tony's Pics

Mke Vance
2 Big Broncos, NW Chapter