Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Annual Beach Run - Long Beach, WA - August 2, 2003


Tony & Linn Eaton – ’78 Bronco
Greg & Laura Rice with their cute infant son Jackson – ’79 Bronco
Mike & Tammy Vance with their daughters Kyrisa & Tosha – ’91 Bronco
Carey Heyer & Son – Jeep CJ7
Ken Konikow & daughter Kassy and friend Katlyn – ’83 Bronco
Lee Henning & 3 girls (daughters/friends?) – Blazer
Mike – Bronco
Alvey Stubblefield – ’96 Bronco

8 rigs & 20 participants.


My trip began Friday morning by heading over to Gearhart, OR and driving up the beach to Fort Stevens area. About half way up the beach a lady flagged me down to pull her full size Ford van out of a stuck in the sugar sand and become a recipient of a “Good Deeds for Victims & Heroes” card and a “2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club” card.

Arrived in Long Beach well before motel check-in time so drove up the beach before heading to the motel. After checking in at the motel I decided to go back out to the beach and fly the kite for a while and perhaps build a fire. I never did build the fire as it was just too windy. But Tony and Linn came out and we watched the Bronco sinking as the wind would blow the sand away from the tires.

Saturday we all met up at the arch as usual. After waiting an eternity for no-show Bob we headed up the beach. Stopped at the beach fort, which is much smaller this year (building inspector must have shown up). Most everyone got a feel for the 2 wheel drive capabilities of their rig in the sugar sand as we lined up for a group picture. A ways farther up the beach we found a big log to park on. Tony’s front locker won king of the log crown for him by parking on a higher section of the log than the rest of us.

We head back to town/camp for lunch and then met up again at the gazebo for an evening barbeque. I tried to talk everyone into a little game of 2 wheel drive in the sugar sand; first one stuck buys breakfast, but didn’t get any takers.

Annual “2 Big Broncos 4x4 Club” Meeting Minutes

We held the 2 Big Broncos annual members meeting over breakfast Sunday morning.  Business on the agenda was to elect a new president as Kurt’s replacement.  The vote was unanimous.  We elected the person we believed would be most likely to get along well with others and be liked by everyone, and he doesn’t fuss over the small stuff so long as food is on schedule.  I’m please to announce to the group the new president of the 2 Big Broncos 4x4 Club organization, Jackson Rice.


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