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Northwest BroncoFest - May 23-26, 2003

What I know...

Folks from as far North as Everett, WA and as far south as Gresham, OR made the trek to Tillamook State Forest over the Memorial Day weekend for our annual event designed to bring family and friends together for activities that we all enjoy. The Portland side of our family put this one together, in truly a grand fashion. Thanks to Steve, Anne, Jim, Alvey, Tim, Todd, Mark,...and any who's names I've not mentioned. This report will take on a different look. I've got links to everyone's pictures. They number in the hundreds, too many to post in one place. I've got a great comment from Howard that'll go up as well. It was his first time out with all, so his comments are great. You'll see other comments from other members who attended as well. It'll bring to light just how great this group and this event is...


Jack Cox Sr, in his Bronco
Steve Scott, in his Bronco
Jim Hayes, does anybody NOT know what he drives?
Kurt Hartsig, with family friend David, in Wild Horses
Hip Thompson, with Rock Dog,in the CJ-7...wolf in sheep's fur
Laura Foxworthy, probably with Mocha and Boo, in a YJ Jeep
Brandon McNally, in the Ranger that's not quite a Ranger anymore
Alvey Stubblefield, in his very white Bronco
Todd Hager, withhis sons, Kenny and Nollen, in his Bronco
Tim Crase, with his son, Jacob, and the new puppy, in his Bronco
Tony Eaton, who had Howard Sullivan in the right seat, in his Bronco
Mike Vance, with his wife Tammy,their kids, Kyrisa and Tosha, and the dogs in his Bronco
Frank Fenlon, in his YJ Jeep
Carey Heyer, in his Bronco
Anne Knebel, with Kaitlyn, and Ken's daughter, Kassie. Anybody NOT know what Anne drives?
Toni, with Ritch (without his Scout), in her Bronco
Ken Konikow, in his Bronco
Nick Morrell, in his Bronco
Berne Strome, Amber rode shotgun, Melon and Miranda in the back seat, in his Bronco
Hugh Hubbard, with his wife Alysia, in his Blazer
Dan Rose, in his F100
Jeff, in his Blazer
Mark Zoelch, with his wife Shelly, in his very white Bronco
Jon Bellamy, in his Bronco
Eric, in his Suburban
Greg Myers, in his Bronco
Eric Grove, with wife Kris and the kids, in his 4Runner

Links to Pictures:

Just everybody brought a camera, so pictures were plentiful. So, instead of going through them all, I'll just put up links to them.

Alvey's Pics
Tony Eaton's Pics
Anne Knebel's Pics
Tim Crase's Pics: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4
Ken Konikow's Pics
Laura Foxworthy's Pics
Mike Vance's Pics

I'm sure I'll get more links from more folks as they get them posted. If you're like me, these links will keep you busy for at least a week. Anne Knebel has videos up on her registry page as well.

I wanted to say this year's NW BroncoFest, held in Browns Camp, TSF was well attended. At a loose count, we had 25 4'wheeling vehicles in camp Saturday. A BIG thanks goes to those helping organizing this year's evening -- Bob K., Jack, Steve, Alvey, Todd, Tim, and others I've likely missed. My limited supply of 2003 Calendars, T-Shirts, and stickers sold quickly with the help of Ken and his kids. We now have an extra $140 for our club.

The camp sites were great! We enjoyed an entire section of sites with tents peppered across the area and camp fires and small groups in the evenings. Typically, Todd and Tim (T-N-T Graphics) got the earliest start with a Class B trails run by 10AM. Others got a later start after "repairs" of sorts... we usually finished up trails around 2AM .... yep. that late! Hip did the small Rock Crusher one evening - the entire loop in 37 minutes. Being spotted by Berne - one of the best in that skill.

I was able to visit (once again) the Can Opener trail, being dry this year made it easily. After many folks drove up and parked, I drove down... stopped... and did Can Opener in reverse. That was fun. Hip helped me see the proper line and got me passed the root/can opener area.

The weather this year was great. Hot and dry for Thursday and Friday; cooled down for Saturday but became sunny by the time I left camp Sunday around Noon.

I didn't get many pictures. Expecting others to post them for everyone's enjoyment.

Oh... on my drive home traveling up I-6 north, I blew out a front, passenger side TSL swamper. The larger lug and some 6" of rubber flew off/out leaving exposed the 8 bias plys and some air pressure. I stopped and inspected the damage, but not wanting to replace the tire on the side of a freeway, drove it 45mph a mile to the next exit and replaced it with my spare. Got home fine after that incident.

'86 XLT Bronco

Well we were setting up to tow Laura's rig home and at Jon's shop Tony's rig would not start. we did some quick trouble shooting and decided it was lack of fuel. His electric fuel pump was not working. It was getting juice but no pump. We eventually took it out and hooked up a 12 volt source backwards and it fired up. So we hooked it up correctly and it spitted and sputtered some then decided to work perfectly again. After installing it we finished hooking up Laura's rig for the tow home. Things went pretty smooth until we stopped to drop off Tony's passenger. I walked around my rig and discovered the front hub area was smoking hot. So we jacked the tire up to see how it turned and discovered the inner wheel bearing was beyond toast. So a quick gathering of ideas and available parts and we decided to repair it there. All went well until attempting to remove the inner bearing race. It was welded to the spindle. Well we beat on it for a while with my trusty chisel and BFH and all we did was make some sparks. Entirely not enough sparks to remove it. So we surveyed the area and there was a home depot nearby. Brandon was the parts runner and he went and bought an air powered die grinder and a few cutoff wheels. So we increased the spark production until a nice groove was placed in the bearing race as deep as we dared to go. We again attacked with the trusty chisel and after a few attempts we managed to produce a good crack in the race. Some more BFH persuasion half the race flew off. well it took much more chiseling to get the rest of the welded race off and left a very molten uneven surface where the new race was supposed to go. So with someone holding the flashlight and me with the die grinder we re-machined the spindle. After a few minutes of hand machining (filing) the new race was driven on the spindle. Bearings packed with grease and the reassembly started, minus the inner seal. Well it worked and I made it home and the affected hub was not even warm to the touch.

Again thanks to all who helped and the dedication from the 2 Big Broncos to its "family" is the best in the world. The people are what truly make this club what it is.

Friends are family also you just get to pick them yourself.


Comments from the new guy
And of course, the report isn't complete without the insight of the new guy... Howard's Report.

Thanks to all who contributed. And to those who read this.