Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Lets Go Wheeln' - Tillamook State Forest - November 16, 2002


  1. Frank Fenlon, Jeep
  2. Tim Crase, 89 Bronco
  3. Kurt Hartsig, 7x/86/96 Tri-Cade Bronco
  4. Hip, Jeep
  5. Tony Eaton, 78 Bronco
  6. Patrick Goolsby, 96 Bronco
  7. Todd Hager, Bronco
  8. Doug, Bronco
  9. Tommy, Bronco
  10. Bernie Strom, Bronco
  11. Hugh, Suburban
  12. Jim Hays, 78 Bronco
  13. Christopher McCray, 95 Bronco
  14. Bill, Toyota
  15. Alvey Stubblefield, 96 Bronco

Event Classification:
Mostly Class B with a little bit of easy Class C available.

Pictures & Videos:

For those who this may be their first time to the TSF OHV area.
Take hwy. 26 west out of Portland.
Take the hwy 6 / Banks cutoff.
Just beyond mile post 33 is the ODOT sand shed as you crest the coast range.
I think the drive time from Portland is about 50 minutes (guess-timate).