BroncoFest 2002

July 12-15, 2002
Kaner Flat Campground
(Cliffdale), WA

Each year since our national gathering in Leadville, CO our 2BigBroncos 4x4 Club gathers in the great northwest for fun and adventures outdoors.  This year was no different.  We found a long weekend in mid-July to best fit our hectic schedules and time available.  Location was important, very important.  This year’s leaders wanted challenging trails, beautiful surrounds, nice camping and if possible – a “flushing” toilet system.  We found everything plus more! 

Wildlife is an additional benefit around Kaner Flats and within Wenatchee National Forest.  Participants reported seeing Elk, Deer, Bear, Chipmunks and Birds, Squirrels to name just a few.  A swimming hole was found nearby camp that added to this year’s fun and heat relief with 65deg swiftly flowing water.  Refreshing to say the least! 

This year was our most attended “4Wheeling” event since BroncoFest 2000 in Leadville, CO where attendees drove in from coast to coast – north to southern borders of our country including Canada as well.  This year, 28 drivers with their vehicles participated from both Washington and Oregon State.

Some of us arrived Thursday evening to stake claim of the campsites we intended to use.  The July temperatures happen to be reaching 95F that day so shade tents and cold drinks were just about all we accomplished.  Our first campfire was nice while the temperatures cooled down and clear skys with so many stars stayed with us.

Friday morning was cold compared to Thursday.  The few of us there decided to run Ravens Roost trail nearby camp.  Considered a “Class B” trail where 4WD was required, we found the mud holes and hill climbs considerable.  Sections of the trail were re-classified more difficult for others to follow during the BroncoFest weekend.

The final mile of this trail to reach Ravens Roost lookout are incredible with natural beauty, rocks, long steep climbs, high elevation made a worthy challenge to achieve. The heat on Friday did many of us in… others that weekend made the entire trail to the top.

Most of this year’s BroncoFest arrived later Friday and began filling our camp.  By Friday evening much was happening and camp was filled with activities.  Anticipation was likely the most significant factor later that day.   A larger group of Oregon residents arrived together – many for the first time visit to Washington wheeling.  A few others their very first time with our 2BigBroncos 4x4 Club as well.  

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