Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Pacific Ocean - Long Beach - May 5, 2001

Pacific Ocean - Long Beach, WA

Map: Long Beach, WA



Randy Goolsby has put together this annual Class A event for a couple of years that I know of. And each year gets better. I have no idea how he'll top this year's event. The biggest so far for the Northwest Chapter. The weather, accommodations, people, food, rigs, sand, mud, it was all GOOD! I look forward to attending next year, I hope we get many more folks to go as well. It was good to see the new faces as well as the familiar ones. We managed to get an ARB representative to join us. Enough for the overview, on to the story...

The group on the beach


  1. Kurt Hartsig, 1986 Mr. Blue
  2. Carey J Heyer, 1993 Bronco EB
  3. Ken Konikow, 1983 Bronco
  4. Jack Cox, 1982 Bronco
  5. James Hilton, 1987 S-10 Blazer
  6. Jon Bellamy, 1978 Bronco - Clackamas, Or 97015
  7. Ken Marcum, 1985 Bronco XLT
  8. Radoje Spasojevic, 1983 Bronco
  9. Toni, 1982 Bronco
  10. Bob Kennedy, 1986 Bronco XLT
  11. Alvey Stubblefield, 1989 F150
  12. Steve Scott, 1978 Bronco
  13. Anne Knebel, 1994 Explorer XL
  14. Randy Goolsby, 1994 Bronco EB
  15. Joe Thompson, 1982 Jeep CJ-7
  16. Mike O'Brien, 1989 Bronco EB
  17. Scott Ramey, 1974 F-100
  18. Angela Skaar, 1988 Bronco II
  19. TR Burrus, 1980 Jeep CJ-7
  20. Chris Gilgore, 1978 Suburban - Long Beach, Wa 98631
  21. Shane Moyer 1985 Bronco XLT

The Details . . .

This was well coordinated. We all knew to meet at the arch in Long Beach. For the folks who didn't know, we were on CB channel 4 as well. We met up and got the introductions going. Also we started the use of our 2Big sign up sheet.

It didn't take long to hit the sand. The first order of the day was to take over the beach and head to the furthest point possible north. Then get ready for the beach clean up and fun in the sand. It did not take long at all for folks to get stuck and require a little tug.
meeting at the arch
Meeting at the arch.
driving on the beach
Driving on the beach
The crew
The crew.

Anne's Explorer
Anne's Explorer
Kids playing
Kids playing
Kurt was the first

Ken K
But by no means the last..,
Anne K
Anne checks out the stump
Freeing Ken
2 rigs to free 1

It was great to be out on the beach on such a beautiful day. The clean up went really well. The amount of club members dedicated to seeing this through was heart warming, I hope the event continues to grow.

Hauling the 'help' around.
Hauling the help around.
beach combing.
Beach combing.
The clean up was thorough
The clean up was thorough.
Our load
Our load.

After the clean up it was time for a well earned rest and relaxation break. The beautiful weather and good people made this a treat to behold.
Around the fire
Around the fire
a little nap
Might as well take a nap, too.
Enjoying a hot dog
Enjoying a hot dog
Fun for everyone
There was fun for every one.

The afternoon was getting on so we headed back to the hotel and retired to the conference room for videos, snacks, and door prizes. The kids decided to hit the pool while the grownups talked. Door prizes consisted of calendars, stickers, and a gift certificate from ARB (thanks TR!). The evening ended about 11:00 PM.

the conference room meeting
2Big Broncos club meeting.

Chris made it out with us the next morning to lead us out to the mud pit. He led about 6 trucks out. Most had been there before, but a few folks had never been.

Mud pit
The mud pit!
Jack was having fun.
Steve was, too.
Steve was, too!

Anne in my Bronco
Anne in my Bronco.
Anne splashing around
Anne splashing around.
Carey's BIG splash
Carey's BIG splash!

James and his S-10.
James and his S-10.
Uh oh...
Uh oh...
Pulling out to head home
Pulling out to head home.

Anne is always proud of the fun she has in the mud. And I can say that with my new pressure washer, the clean up is real easy!

Anne with her mud.
Anne with her mud.
I LOVE my pressure washer.
I LOVE my pressure washer!

I don't have any idea how the Goolsby family will top this event. If they try you can be sure that we'll be there!

Bob Kennedy - 1986 XLT Bronco