Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Mount Hood Christmas Tree Run - December 9, 2000

Mount Hood Christmas Tree Run

Extra bonus - A rookie’s perspective, Ken Marcum

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After meeting in east Portland and introductions we headed to the Estacada Ranger Station for those who wanted to get Christmas trees to purchase permits and I took up a position in the fourth quartile.  With all the red tape processing finished at the ranger station we headed on up to find some snow.  I remember when I was a kid we just went and got a tree, no permit, no specified area, etc.  My oh my how things have changed.
0730 meeting
Meeting at 0730 hours
for breakfast and intros
The first snow
Steve Scott
SSteve; Our awsome leader


  1. Kurt Hartsig, 1986 Mr. Blue
  2. Carey J Heyer, 1993 Bronco EB
  3. Ken Konikow, 1983 Bronco
  4. Jeff Hiestand 1993 Bronco EB
  5. Richard Milsom, Jeff’s passenger
  6. Jon Bellamy 1978 Bronco - Clackamas, Or 97015
  7. Ken Marcum 1985 Bronco XLT
  8. Bob Scott 1975 F250
  9. Tina Scott 1983 Bronco
  10. Bob Kennedy 1992 Bronco XLT
  11. Alvey Stubblefield 1989 F150
  12. Steve Scott 1978 Bronco
  13. Anne Scott 1994 - Explorer XL
  14. Randy Goolsby & Wife Cindy, met for breakfast

Attendance Notes

  1. Kurt brought his son David
  2. Carey brought his wife Tracey and their son
  3. Ken K brought his wife Kelly and daughter Kassidy
  4. Bob and Tina Scott brought the Scott clan
  5. Bob K brought Anne and Jessica
  6. Steve and Anne Scott brought their kids.

    The entire gang
    The entire group around Ken's tree.

    The Details . . .

    We stopped to lock the hubs before continuing up into deeper snow.  I'm right behind the brown Bronco in the foreground and there are 3 more behind me.  11 rigs here and one more met up with us later for a total of 12; 9 Broncos, 1 Explorer, 1 F150 and 1 F250?

    About half way up the mountain we went down a spur road to the left to play in the snow for a while and take some pictures.  To the right was another spur road with only enough room for a few vehicles at a time, so we took turns going up in small groups.  I think about 7 or 8 of the rigs went up, including me and my stock F150.

    Alvey Stubblefield
    1989 F150
    Ken K
    Ken Konikow
    1983 Bronco
    Carey H
    Carey Heyer
    1993 Bronco EB
    Kurt H
    Kurt Hartsig
    1986 Bronco XLT
    Tina S
    Tina Scott
    1983 Bronco

    Jeff H
    Jeff Hiestand
    1993 Bronco EB

    Jon B
    Jon Bellamy
    1978 Bronco
    Ken M
    Ken Marcum
    1985 Bronco XLT
    Bob S
    Bob Scott
    1975 F250

    Finally it was my turn to go up the road to the right.  Ken lead the way in is Bronco, Kurt took up the rear in his stock daily driver Bronco and I was in the middle with my stock daily driver F150.  Kurt couldn't quite get enough "gription", someone made that word up during the Evens Creek run a few weeks ago, to make it up one of the steeper hills.  Ken went back down to assist but Kurt had installed his chains.  While waiting further up the road I decided to back down a little ways and quickly realized this high water content snow was extremely slick.  Even while just creeping along it was impossible to stop without sliding so I figured I'd chain up too for safety sake.

    Christmas trees!!
    View from the Christmas tree location
    Picture of me I had Kurt snap off
    Kid fun at lunch
    Kid fun at lunch

    After all we have to go back down and it's fairly steep (for snow that is) and narrow and most of the few trees along the side weren't quite big enough prevent sliding all the way over the edge.  Ken made it all the way up without chains, but I think he said he has lockers.  Looking back I kind of wish I had tried making it up without  chains and then chain up at the top just for the return trip down.  Vehicle control in limited traction conditions is easier  on ascent than descent.  Kurt found a couple Christmas trees to harvest, I took a nice scenery picture and we headed back down to the main group.

    Loading up the trees
    Arriving on the top of ridge
    The final lineup... 12 trucks!
    A few more Christmas trees were harvested at the top.  If you look close you can see Kurt's chained up daily driver  Bronco.  I'm sure his dedicated 4 wheeling Bronco would have made it easily without irons.

    Here we are at the top all lined up for a picture.  Count 'em, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 rigs.  If you look close you can see I had my chains on too, F150 second from the left.  Sure made it easy coming up the mountain, but was a pretty rough ride where it was hard pack.  More trees to be harvested, chat session,  a late lunch, some sledding on the hill above us for the younger crowd and chain removal before heading down the other side, which as it turns out was very slick and the chains would have made it less perilous.  Never the less we all made it down safe and sound without them.

    Sledding was included
    Some of the younger crowd sledding on the hill above where we parked.  It was quite foggy up there.

    Sledding was included
    One last picture of snow covered trees in the fog before we head down the mountain.

    I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting everyone.  I'm looking forward to doing more wheeling with the group.

    Thanks Robert for putting the run together.

    General Grabber AP

    2 Big Broncos – A rookie’s perspective

    My friend Jon and I had worked for over a week to get my suspension lift done. We quickly learned an important lesson about mail order and companies that put together “packages”. Compatibility is important when dealing with all these different parts. With my 1985 Bronco finally looking like a real truck, we made plans to meet up with the Northwest Chapter of 2 Big Broncos.

    Up at 6 am on a Saturday? Are we insane? Oh well, sleep will come later. Head out to the meeting place and as I pull into the parking lot my eyes behold a most amazing sight. BRONCOS! Lots of them! How incredibly fabulous! This must be the place.

    We were greeted by some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Kurt was there, Bob, Carey, and…. I’m so terrible with names. I think there was Jeff, Richard the headhunter (what a cool dog), Steve, and some others (sorry guy’s, I’ll remember next time). We organized and synchronized and finally headed out.

    Again, my eyes were treated to the wonderful site of a convoy of Broncos (yes led by an F-150 pickup and interspersed with a few other non-Broncos) pulling out onto the road and taking over. We got more than a few looks as we headed up to the Ranger station in Estacada. Stopping to get Christmas tree permits, we stretched our legs a bit and used the “facilities” (last chance for a flusher). Then it was back on the road, bound for adventure.

    We turned off the highway and over the “famous” green bridge. We soon stopped to lock hubs and get ready for some trailing. As we started to climb into the Mt. Hood National Forest, the temperature took a noticeable drop. Soon, the white stuff began to fall. Just what we were looking for! Would there be enough? That is the real question. We climbed some more and there was plenty of snow to play in.

    I was lucky enough to be allowed to be the first one down a virgin trail. My friend Jon and our new friends Jeff and Richard in Jeff’s Bronco followed me. The snow was really crunchy under my new Pro Comps, but it was a blast. What a way to be introduced to the world of 4-wheeling. We almost got stuck at the end of the trail at the turnaround, but it was a fantastic place to take a picture of my truck. I don’t know if the pics will turn out due to a camera malfunction. I’m going digital next time. Jeff got his stock Bronco stuck (don’t worry Mrs. Jeff, he didn’t break it, but he REALLY needs some new tires and a lift kit) but we were able to rock him out without so much as a strap coming out of our trucks.

    We played quite a bit more the rest of the day, but had to head out soon as the contingent from Seattle needed to get home and it was going to start icing up soon. The trail out was quite “interesting”. Very slippery single track with deep ruts that let more than a few pumpkins drag in the snow in the center. It was that deep. “Point and shoot” was the order of the day. We made our way out just as darkness was falling. The convoy headed back onto the highway in fine shape. No breaks and not many stucks were encountered.

    Jon and I are very glad we were able to make the run and were quite impressed with the caliber of the people. What a great group of people. I have no reservations about recommending 2 Big Broncos to all of my Bronco buddies and anyone else I see with a Bronco. Can’t wait until the next run.

Al Stu -
  1989 F-150
  1996 BroncoKen MarcumJon Bellamy