Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Pacific Ocean - Long Beach, WA - May 6, 2000

Pacific Ocean -- Long Beach, WA

Map: Long Beach, WA (Entrance to the beach)

This is planned as a family event where everyone is welcome to just have fun with the sand and ocean surf. During peak visitor seasons the beach is mostly closed down from vehicles. Plan your trip prior to May 20 or after September 10.

Directions to Beach Head
Southwestern Washington is the beach location. Travel to Kelso, WA then west on the local highways will get you to Seaview, WA. Just north on Hwy 103 is Long Beach and the entrance to the ocean.

Pacific Ocean Beach Event
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Let me tell you...this was my kind of trip...sun...water...sand...and MUD.

We were suppose to meet at 10am under the "Long Beach" archway. Kurt had called and told us that his water pump was going out, so he was running late. He had Rade, Dan and Angela with him. Bob, Jessica and I waited till about 10:15am and we thought we'd go look for other Broncos, when we ran into Chad. No sooner did we find him, we found 8 more Broncos led by Randy.

Beach arrival On the run! Stuck... but backing out of it.
Our Beach Arrival. On the beach running through the surf! Our first sand stuck of the day.
Beautiful Kassie climbing the beach log fort Styling on the beach... Miranda and the big bogger Noon time and picnic on the beach for lunch
Beautiful Kassie climbing
on the beach 'log fort'.
Styling on the beach....
Miranda and the 44" bogger.
Noon time and picnic on the
beach for lunch.
Shooting the breeze Enjoying everyone's company Berne throwing a little sand around
Shooting the breeze. Enjoying everyone's company. Berne throwing a little sand around.

About 10:40am orso, we met up with Berne and "Toyota" Joe...they had been camping. We had talked with Kurt and he was about an hour away, so we decided to make a run up the beach. The Broncos started in a line, then some got creative and started splashing in the water. Chad really put on a show for us. We got to the end of the beach and decided to turn around and head back to this "beach fort", made of driftwood and stuff that washed up on shore.

Bob in his 1983 Bronco Chad in his Half-Breed Bronco ... showing off Kyle in his 1994 Bronco
Bob in his 1983 Bronco. Chad in his Half-Breed Bronco... showing off. Kyle in his 1994 Bronco.

We decided to drive down to the sand and wait for the rest. While we waited we talked and Randy passed out some awesome black and gold plaques with a lighthouse that had inscribed....

2Big Broncos 4x4 Club
2nd Annual Beach Run
Long Beach, WA, May 6, 2000

On our way back, Steve and Bill got there trucks stuck in the dunes. They were able to get unstuck by themselves. We proceeded to head back to the fort. That's where everyone talked, relaxed, played in the sand, played on the fort structure and just had fun. About noon, Kurt, Rade, Dan and Angela showed up. That's when some went off for lunch at the Oyster House and others hung around the fort and/or played in the water and sand with their trucks, especially Chad, Kurt's son, Randy's son and Dan's son.

Nick throwing a little beach sand Rade in his father's 1983 Bronco Randy and Bob at the log fort location
Nick throwing a little beach sand. Rade in his father's 1983 Bronco. Randy (the coordinator) and bob at the log fort location.

Around 3pm or 4pm, Kurt and family, his friend w/the suburban/Steve/Anne, Berne/Amber/Friend, Nick/wife, me/Bob/Jessica, Chad, Toyota Joe, Carey and Tracey all headed to the mud pit. As we were heading there, Chad put on another show for us in the water...he caught a wave and his license plate came flying off. Also, there was a truck (not part of the Bronco club) that was stuck in the sand dunes. A couple of helpful Bronco buddies stopped and helped them out.

Chad having a great time in the sun Chad's custom 460 power plant Chad's Half-Breed superrunner steering system
Chad having a great time in the sun and surf! Chad's custom 460 power plant. Chad's Half-Breed custom Bronco with a Super-runner steering system.

We proceeded to the mud pit and this place was was wall to wall (well, tree to tree) mud. There were only a few spots for people to stand and watch. Seven trucks went rip roaring through the mud...Chad was the leader making sure the mud was safe for everyone. Ken got stuck, so Nick had to help him out. Chad's tire got punctured, so him and Toyota Joe went to get it fixed. We continued for an hour, when 3 boys from town stopped and told us, there was rumor that someone had put nails in the mud. We all decided to stop and head to a car wash to inspect our tires. Kurt got 2 nails, Toyota Joe got 3 and of course, Chad got 1. The rest of us managed to not get any. Kurt and Chad washed their trucks, while the rest of us wanted to show off our "fun".

Anne taking her Bronco nose down into the deep mud Berne playing in the mud, making a few waves Chad in the mud
Anne taking her Bronco 1992 Bronco XLT nose down into the deep mud. Berne playing in the mud, making a few waves too. Chad in the mud, having no problems with traction.

A chance for the kids to drive.  Drivers ed in the mud. Got mud? One big Bronco cleanup job
A chance for the kids to drive. Drivers ed in the mud. Got mud? That is one BIG Bronco cleanup job!

That's about when we all went our separate ways, some went back to the beach, some went home, some went to the campsite and us...the Kennedy's, we went back to our hotel and had McD's for dinner while watching the sunset along with the Isaaquah High School Marching Band practice for the Long Beach parade on Sunday.

Two nails, two tires gone flat Hold on.... Slow down... Watch that tree There is the owner
Two nails, two tires gone flat... bummer! Drivers ed!! Hold on... Slow down... Watch that tree! There is the owner and driver of this nice Bronco!

Trail Length - 50 miles of open beach

Bob Kennedy - 1986 XLT BroncoKurt Hartsig -
1986 XLT Bronco