Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Mt. Hood Christmas Tree Trail Run - December 4, 1999

Mt. Hood Christmas Tree Trail Run

  1. 75 F250 Ranger Bob Scott, son Chas, Friend
  2. 82 Bronco Lariat XLT Jack Cox, son Sean
  3. 81 Bronco XLT Bill Adee, Friends(2)
  4. 81 Bronco XLT Scott Duncan, Friend Luke
  5. 83 Bronco Ken Konikow, wife, daughter
  6. 83 Bronco Tina Scott, son Tommy, MORE
  7. Late model Chevy 1ton extra cab Chris & Julie
  8. 85 Bronco ll Eddie Bauer Steve Scott, Anne, daughter Kaitlyn

It was beautiful weather for a trail run, As the day began at 7:30 am in the Albertson's parking lot.  There were a total of 8 vehicles.  They included five full sized Broncos, one F 250, one Chevy 1 ton, and one Bronco II.  Drivers were Jack Cox, Scott Duncan, Bill Adee, Tina Scott, Ken Konikow, Bob Scott, Chris, and Steve Scott.  There were a total of 14 adults and 9 children.

01meeting_place_at_albertsons_se_portlandtn.jpg - 4038 Bytes 02lock_intn.jpg - 4724 Bytes 03lock_in_ken_scott_n_luketn.jpg - 5384 Bytes

After a brief stop at the Estacada Ranger Station, we were on our way to go have some fun.  The first stop was were we broke out the ropes and towed the kids (both young and old) down a nice level road (with the exception of a couple of wet potholes).  There was also a little bit of wheeling but not too much.

04driving_up_to_playtn.jpg - 4850 Bytes 05first_stop_sled_n_tubetn.jpg - 5437 Bytes

After a brief period we decided to head up a bit higher to find some deeper snow.  On the way up we happened to find a trail that nobody had been up yet in the snow.  Jack dropped his trailer that he was pulling to haul the trees and we were off to go play.  Bob lead the way making fresh tracks in the snow with almost everybody close behind.  At the fork near the end of the trail Bob, Bill and Chris waited while Scott, Jack, Steve and Ken found the upper landing.  After regrouping at the bottom of the trail, the voyage continued up to the top (approx. 5000ft).  At this point we all had some fun.

06jack_n_the_valley_belowtn.jpg - 4744 Bytes 07jack_testing_a_hilltn.jpg - 6428 Bytes

08tina_n_bonnie_tubingtn.jpg - 6575 Bytes 09short_breaktimetn.jpg - 4602 Bytes 11scotts_short_break_hilltn.jpg - 6295 Bytes

There was a hill for some wheeling, a slope for the kids (both young and old) to ride the sleds and tubes down, Christmas trees to be cut, an area to do some shooting.  And of course even a stump for Scott to park his tire on when he was done playing on the rock mounds, and climbing mountains.  It seemed that fun was had by all from the comments on the way out over the radios.

10bill_n_chris_enjoying_the_daytn.jpg - 5356 Bytes 12mt_hoodtn.jpg - 2985 Bytes 13bobs_f250_leads_the_waytn.jpg - 3859 Bytes

14the_big_n_littletn.jpg - 4732 Bytes 15mt_hood_trail_rigstn.jpg - 5564 Bytes 16mt_hood_trail_rigs_good_pictn.jpg - 6090 Bytes

17treein_99_convoytn.jpg - 6045 Bytes 19kaittn.jpg - 4874 Bytes 20chris_juliestn.jpg - 6376 Bytes

21rigs_n_trees_5000_fttn.jpg - 5188 Bytes

Steve Scott - 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT
Kurt Hartsig -
1986 XLT Bronco