Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Tillamook State Forest (TSF) - October 16-17, 1999
Day 1 - Saturday

Tillamook State Forest (TSF) -- Oregon

Map: TSF OHV Guide; Oregon Department Of Forestry

Meeting At Roger's Camp - Mile Post 33
Our gathering for Saturday morning was ODOT Sand parking lot and entrance to Roger's Camp trail head. That is Mile Post #33 from Portland, OR area. When arriving on-site, we were greeted by an Oregon 4x4 club and a full-size Bronco preparing to run the trails. Our group began arriving around 8:30AM with three vehicles, by 9:30AM ready to hit the trails, there were six Broncos and two Jeeps. Later that day we would be joined by two other Broncos - Jack and Robert.

Lined up ready to begin TSF trails

University Firepower Trail #10
This trail from North to South is easier then South to North. A couple deep ruts and hill slope become more difficult with rain. So wait for rain to make this trail slippery and run it from South to North direction for more challenges. It crosses over a gravel road intersection, at the end there is a steep hillock onto the Beaver Dam road.

Trail #10 - University Firepower trail Ken is in  the natural spring mud and deep rut Nick now dropping down into the mud

Laura loves this stuff! Steve & Anne pulling out of the mud Jamie getting his first look

Hip is our tail gunner today Reaching Beaver Dam Rd - playing on a side hill

Firebreak Five #14 (North to South)
The Firebreak trail is recently cleaned, logs cut out, and trail conditions easy, except for one spot. The only little mud hole kept a few trucks stuck inside. Having mud tires and maybe a locker in the rear helped in this mud hole.

A simple trail ride Laura makes it.  The right line is always just inchs away Scott see fun ahead and likes to throw the mud

Further down the Firebreak Five trail, a few ruts are available to play in. If it were raining - this would be a much more difficult trail area.

Kurt parked off in a rut for photo shots Looking down hill at Ken following near by

Lunch at end of Firebreak Five
Finding a beautiful open and sunny spot off the trail end, we took advantage of the wonderful weather and stopped up for lunch.

Laura, Boo, and Scott Ken, Steve, Thom, and Nick Steve & Nick's rigs

Kurt's rig - wild horses, Ken and Hip's rigs The Big Broncos

Saddle Up #16a (East to West)
This trail is short. Has a serious hill drop or climb - depending upon direction. We came at this hill obstacle from the top, down then a few folks turned around at the road took the hill climb. The difficulty on this is the tight section with a turn required around the tree root ball. Scott in that turn was required to backup a foot to position his tires down hill correctly - the front passenger inside axle DIDN'T like that and exploded on him there.

Scott given direction to Ken in the tightest section Scott now setting up for his drop down Scott is haven't second thoughts -- here goes that axle

Hip is having fun now Towards the bottom you'll need to thread between the trees Jamie does a fine job squeezing

Axle Repairs While Scott removed his front passenger side axle assembly, Hip, Jamie, and Kurt turned around for fun on the hill. Being SO SUNNY that day, Hip and Steve found a sun block to keep the sun rays off Scott while working. Nice job in advertising guys!

Jamie makes it over the top Keeping the sun rays out of Scott's eyes You're not wheeling until you've broken something

Airplane Hill #16d (East to Northwest)
After getting Scott's Bronco back together and on the road, we were running short on time - so missed Airplane Hill today. Maybe next time! While working with Scott, Jack and Robert located us via CB Chnl 4 and met up for more fun - eight Broncos running the trails now.

Hood Raiser #20 (South to Northeast)
Hood Raiser was our trail out for the day. This trail is a gentle slope down in the direction South to Northeast with many ruts to play in. The far end where it joins the Wilson Rd has a washed out bridge, so crossing this ravine is the more fun.

Here is where my nephew Zach took over driving Wild Horses out of the woods. He's getting a learners permit soon...

Zach keeping the trees at bay Jack looking for 'the lost bridge' Steve entering the wash-out

Kurt coming out of the ravine with some speed Zach and Kurt together next to Wild Horses

Day 2 - Sunday

Kurt Hartsig -
1986 XLT Bronco