Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club
Northwest Chapter

Pacific Ocean - Long Beach - February 6, 1999

Long Beach -- Seaview, WA

Map: Seaview, WA (Long Beach)

This is planned as a family event where everyone is welcome to just have fun with the sand and ocean surf. During peak visitor seasons the beach is mostly closed down from vehicles. Plan your trip prior to May 20 or after September 10.

Directions to Beach Head
Southwestern Washington is the beach location. Travel to Kelso, WA then west on the local highways will get you to Seaview, WA. Just north is Long Beach and the entrance to the ocean.

Pacific Ocean Beach Event
The first annual 2-Big Bronco Club beach run started (for me at least) Friday night as I went over to Kurt's house to help him install his Warn 12000lb winch (which is an interesting story in its own right). Nevertheless we got up at 4:30 in the morning and with me driving Kurt's "spare" Bronco we headed down to Southcenter Mall to meet the rest of our caravan. We arrived at the mall at about 5:15 and met Damon Riggs and his girlfriend, in Damon's very nice looking black Bronco and Angela Skaar in her '88 Bronco II. Along with Angela was her brother, fellow listmember Andy Skaar, who did not drive his Bronco due to "financial reasons". We all hit the road and drove to our next stop which was the main gate of Ft.Lewis where we picked up none other than the Bronco sticker man himself, Erik Marquez, who happen to be in Washington on Army business and found the time to join us for the day. I was previleged enough to have Erik as a passenger for the trip and enjoyed the company greatly. A good picture of these folks from left front-back -- Andy, Angela, Erik, Kurt and right front-back Luke, Rade.

At about 8:15 we arrived at the Kelso McDonalds where we met the rest of our group, Shane Moyer and his girlfriend and Randy Goolsby and his family. To show what a great guy he is Randy even gave me a bag of .45 ACP ammo he had loaded, but the real treat of the day were the commemorative brass dash plates Randy had made just for this trip. After a quick breakfast and cold, rainy fuel up we headed out. Our route took us over the Columbia river into Oregon and the back over the bridge at Astoria into Washington. The rain had been falling all morning and as soon as we got near the coast the wind began to pick up. The foul weather was tormenting us the entire day, but safely enclosed within our Broncos we kept on.

We arrived at Long Beach and, after a brief bathroom break, proceeded to make our way out onto the sand. The wind on the beach was brutal, pushing our less than aerodynamic vehicles about. At one point an old milk crate was keeping up with us at 25mph as it was blown down the beach. After crossing a few creek drainage we made a stop near a pair of "forts" someone had built on the beach out of driftwood. While the younger kids played on the forts, others protected from strong winds by our Broncos, the older kids (Shane and Randy) got out their RC trucks and drove them around the beach at a high rate of speed. Once we were thoroughly cold and sand coated we got back into our vehicles and continued up the beach. There were a few more drainage to cross, one of which Andy managed to pop the front wheels of his sister's Bronco II off the ground while climbing out of. Needless to say Angela took back the drivers seat of her vehicle shortly after that.

At the end of the beach we headed back inland to the hamlet of Oysterville, where as the name implies, they have alot of oysters. After buying some oysters, we decided to return to Long Beach for some lunch. We got back on the beach and headed back south. I decided to try and race Angela in her Bronco II, thinking that the 351HO in Kurt's other Bronco would make it an easy task. Unfortunately for my male ego the little Bronco II was faster than I thought (and Angela is a very good racer), and the race ended in more or less a stalemate.

Once we got back to Long Beach it was time for a group picture under the Long Beach arch and then lunch. At the end of lunch Damon, Randy, and Shane parted ways with us and left Kurt, Angela, Erik, and I to make the drive back home. Having been driving since 5am it was a long drive home (Erik kept a close eye on me every time I yawned). We dropped Erik back off at Ft. Lewis and got back to Kurt's house at about 7pm.

This was the first Class A run of the 2-Big Broncos Club and it was a great opportunity for of all to get together and have a good time. Aside from some door damage to Randy's Bronco, a cracked header gasket on Shane's Bronco, and some electrical problems with Kurt's Bronco no one suffered any major damage. The 2-Big Bronco Club is going out again this Saturday Feb. 13 for another snow run and as usual everyone is invited.

Trail Length - 10 miles of open beach
Time Required - 3-4 hours Depending on traffic and events on the beach.

Rade Spasojevic - 1990 XLT Bronco
Kurt Hartsig -
1986 XLT Bronco